Charter Yachts

Mills Custom IRC

  • LOA: 43 ft 2 in  
  • Beam: 12 ft 9 in
  • Maximum Draft: 9 ft 55 in
  • Weight: 8.214 Tons
  • Top speeds of 19.9 Knots.
  • Upwind speeds of 7.8 Knots
  • IRC TCC: 1.179 – 1.186  
  • 10 to 13 Crew

This Mills Custom IRC was designed with the intention of winning the Commodores cup competition in 2008. She was designed with the idea of competing very well in windward lewards, and having an extra gear in the lighter breeze ranges often seen in the Solent. This 43 footer extends the design themes and research program developed with Successful King 40, another very competitive IRC winner designed by Mark Mills. This IRC 43 not only performance extremely well to windward, but also boast a healthy downwind sail plan whose mix of symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers flown from a conventional pole reflects the tidal impact of Solent sailing as well as the average wind speeds expected in Northern European sailing.

This IRC 43s topside design is second to none, attract a lot of media attention across the board. She stands out from the rest, and looks fantastic on the water. The Custom artwork was designed by grapefruit graphics and was a first in vinyl design of this magnitude.

Built by Vision yachts in Cowes, She is fitted a spacious interior that can easily sleep up to 10 crew. She has a large Navigation area, allowing you to fit all your charts, and she is fitted out with the latest technology for her electronics package.

The Deck Layout is Clever and spacious, allowing full communication in the cockpit with crew. The deck gear and rigging are specked out to the highest grand prix quality, with a high modulus carbon mast with swept back spreaders and internal Jack.

IRC optimisation has been undertaken with full KND analysis by Mark Mills in January 2013 and results acted on to further improve IRC performance.

  • Package price from £1750 Plus VAT. 
  • Includes: Skipper, first mate, Extra professional crew available on request
  • Safety briefing from our highly trained skippers
  • Professional tuition on how to race a IRC Mills 43

Ker 40

  • LOA: 40 ft 0 in  
  • Beam: 13ft 6 in
  • Maximum Draft: 8 ft 5 in
  • Weight: 4.85 Tons
  • Top speeds of 24.6 Knots.
  • Upwind speeds of 7.6 Knots
  • IRC TCC: 1.192 – 1.200
  • 10 to 12 Crew

The Ker 40 is an exciting new yacht that has been specifically designed for higher performance around the racetrack but more importantly to win races on IRC and ORCi handicap systems.  Designed by talented British designer Jason Ker, his designs over the past ten years have stormed onto the international sailing scene in no uncertain terms.

The new Ker 40 is a fast off shore yacht, with large open cockpit that makes sail handling and crew work a breeze. The boat is fitted out with a lightweight interior that complies with handicap regulations.  The rig is moderate, with a high aspect sail plan, which will ensure that this boat will perform above its size across all wind ranges. The spar package is supplied by none other than world-renowned mast makers Hall Spars. A highly refined, carbon fibre double spreader rig and carbon boom, this boat will cater for a wide range of sailing skill and level of racing.

The Ker 40 is built to the highest standards, utilising the latest hi-tech material and building techniques comparable with the ones used in Americas Cup Yacht construction and fit out. It is a top end race boat that is exciting to sail and will have the diversity to race across a wider range of racing categories. Light weight yet robust and stiff construction incorporating modern race boat technologies A fully epitomised structural design using advanced Finite Element Analyses techniques. This is a Fast race boat designed and fit for a purpose.

Fast is always fun!

  • Package price from £1850 Plus VAT.
  • Includes: Skipper, first mate, Extra professional crew available on request. Safety briefing from our highly trained skippers Professional tuition on how to race a Ker 40


  • LOA:42ft0in Beam:12ft9in
  • Maximum Draft: 8 ft 6 in 
  • Top speeds of 28.9 Knots.
  • IRC TCC: 1.262
  • Weight: 3.989 Tons
  • Upwind speeds of 8.2 Knots 
  • 10 to 13 Crew

The GP42 is generally seen as the ultimate Grand Prix Racer. It is a grand prix yacht designed to a box rule to encourage similar boats racing on the same race track. The choices made when forming this particular rule were made with the idea to develop racing yachts with current technology. This is underlined by quite a few classes following similar steps. Because of its size, the number of crew and allowing the best of materials and building techniques this was never going to be a class for small budget campaigns.

GP42’s racing in the main events as the MedCup and the ORC World Championship attract the best sailors of the globe and the teams are well supported on the shore and on the water. Luckily the exposure that these events get makes it possible to attract first class sponsors.

The GP42 is a simple racing machine. No moving parts under water other than a single centreline rudder, no complicated issues on deck or in the rig. Just high quality components allowing proper control of the boat and of a sails wardrobe built for optimum performance at every wind angle and wind speed. The interior is the minimum required by the Safety Regulations and GP42 Rule, Which is aimed at both inshore and offshore. GP42’s are true Grand Prix Racers, so designed and built to withstand the abuse of yacht racing at the highest level, but not to withstand any abuse. Once you get a chance to sail these magnificent machines and you join the game wherever it is played you will realise why so many before you have chosen to sail the GP42.

The GP42s have now moved from the Med Cup, and now have been optimised for both the IRC and the ORC rule. Some changes are square top mainsails, allowing for extra sail area, and other changes are the attachment of long fixed bowsprits to allow for bigger downwind gennikars, and ease of gybing. With our GP42, Problem Child, we have lengthened the sprit to 2.7 metres, to allow kites of 200 sq metres to be carried (measured 195 sq m).

  • Package price from £2000 Plus VAT.
  • Includes: Skipper, first mate, Extra professional crew available on request.
  • Safety briefing from our highly trained skippers
  • Professional tuition on how to race a GP42.